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Ramona Dream Home

This dream home wine cellar was designed and installed by Vintage Cellars for their clients in Ramona, California. We created a custom design that exudes luxury and beauty.

Wine racking bridge system above the door to maximize the storage space

The wine room, which is 14’ x 10’ x 8’ in size, can accommodate around 3,300 bottles. We added amazing features and utilized a bridge system above the door to maximize the storage space.

Dream home wine cellar in Ramona, California

View of display shelving

Second view of display shelving


These Ramona, California homeowners recently converted an unused storage area into this beautifully designed custom wine cellar. Complete with its own cooling system, this project shows what can be done with a small unused space to create an impressive home feature. Check out this video tour and see for yourself. We think it meets our “cellars to die for” criteria!

The Wine Guardian 1-ton split ducted cooling system was used for this wine cellar. The client installed the air handler inside the wine room, positioned overhead when you enter the wine cellar door, which is located in a covered soffit. The Wine Guardian thermostat is placed on the wall, while the compressor is situated outside the home with external housing, protecting it from inclement weather, rain, and snow.

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