Rancho Santa Fe Wine Wall with Traditional Wood fit with Metal Racking

This unique custom wine wall and tasting room was designed and installed in the La Costa / San Elijo Hills area in San Diego. Offset a few miles from the beach, this gorgeous area has the advantage of a constant sea breeze, keeping the surrounding microclimate some ten-plus degrees cooler than just over the hill a bit further inland. The client, a long-time wine collector and avid wine taster knew that the cellar needed simplicity, functionality, and an adjacent tasting space. “I envision a gorgeous contemporary showpiece wall of wines, coupled with a small and intimate area to enjoy the bottles with friends…” Other than that, he wanted to let the professionals at Vintage Cellars practice what they do best – design and build one of a kind wine storage spaces. Vintage Cellars was able to come up with a design that met all the owner’s goals while still bringing much more to the table.

custom wine cellar

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This sleek and contemporary-looking furniture piece, nestled up against the far wall within the wine room, acts as the main focus within the space with a wine cooling unit with temperature and humidity controls. This style of modern metal racking, wall mounted VintageView, fits perfectly into the wine cabinet while also leaving space for distinctive features. Space for wine cases, wine glasses, and decanters was incorporated, and a small tasting table with a vintage wine opener and room to share food and wine sits in the room’s center. The small open space centered between the racking can also be utilized as a perfect spot to decant wine.

The label forward design of this contemporary wine racking system is becoming the hottest new trend in wine storage and luxury home design. More often than ever before, Wine as art is becoming a reoccurring trend utilized by design professionals everywhere. Professionally designed and built wine cellars are fantastic for that fact – They add a beauty rarely matched by other art pieces, and they function as part of everyday lifestyle, and a fun part at that!

Cellar Features

  • 400 Bottle Capacity
  • Metal Horizontal VintageView Racking
  • Tasting Table
  • Decanting Station

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