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Semi-Custom Wine Rack Kits

Stackable Wine Racks

When it comes to designing wine racks for your home or retail space, you have three basic options. There are custom wine racks, which are designed to perfectly fit your space both physically and aesthetically, but can be a monetary commitment. Then there are pre-made wine racking kits, which are more cost-effective but cannot be modified to fit your intended space since they are all the same height. A great compromise between these two options is a stackable wine rack or semi-custom wine rack kit.

The stackable wine rack is a wine racking system that offers a variety of wine rack components in different styles and colors. These components can be mixed and matched (and stacked) to form a wine rack. The result is that a stackable wine rack is as personalized as a custom wine rack, but as cost-effective as a wine racking kit. Therefore, these kits are often referred to as "semi-custom". We offer Vintner stackable modular wine rack kits in 3 foot and 4 foot heights. each section can be combined with others to create the type and size of racking system you desire.

Stackable wine racks offer increased flexibility. A main drawback to wine racking kits is that they come in a standard height of 72 inches, meaning that unless your ceiling is 72 inches high, you'll have a gap between the top of your wine rack and the bottom of your ceiling. Stackable wine racks offer a solution to this problem. Vintner's stackable semi-custom kits also offer several different molding options and a customizable base option with different heights available. By choosing the right combination of top and bottom stacks, molding, and base, stackable wine racks can fit variable ceiling heights.

A variety of styles are available for each component of the stackable wine rack. Styles like standard columns, elegant diamond wine racks, and curved racks for corners can be mixed and matched to fit any space. The wood can be stained in several natural, beautiful colors to provide a unique and personalized look to your wine storage space. You can even add an archway and tasting table into your racking design. Be sure to check out our custom wine cellar photo gallery for more ideas!