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Wine Credenzas Education

Do you have a desire to collect wine but a limit of storage space? Your perfect solution may be a wine credenza. Wine credenzas are console-style furniture pieces, only about 40 inches high and topped with a tabletop. They are ideal for small spaces because with the tabletop, they can pull double duty, functioning as a sideboard for serving meals, as an elegant place for bar equipment, or the perfect location for wine tasting at parties.

Wine credenzas come in a variety of styles to suit them to the space available. They can be single bottle deep or double deep, and can have one, two, three, or four doors. A double-deep, four-door credenza might act much like a large sideboard in a traditional dining room, while for really tight spaces, a single deep, single door wine credenza might be the perfect wine storage solution.

Wine credenzas are available in a variety of styles and finishes from "natural" to "dark cherry." They can have glass doors, which are specially treated to prevent light from disrupting the aging process and harming the wine. The windowed doors can be upgraded with different designs: square, arched, rounded, "provence," or "victorian." All wine credenzas come with well-constructed racking, and digital cooling systems to age your wine to perfection.


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