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Wine Cabinet Designs

Long past are the days when a wine cabinet designs resembled huge industrial refrigerator that wouldn't look good anywhere but the garage. Modern wine cabinets can not only provide the correct conditions to age your wine to delicious perfection, they can embody new wine cabinet design so they look great in your home. Wine cabinet designs are made in a variety of styles to match any dècor; they can be a great addition to your kitchen, dining room, or entertainment area.

wine cabinet designs

The Transtherm Loft wine cooler cabinet fits nicely under the counter in most kicthens with a height of 43 inches.

If you're looking for a wine cabinet design that fits in a retail space or perhaps a modern residential space, you might choose a stainless steel or sleek wood, glass-fronted wine cabinet. EuroCave makes a large selection of wine cabinets in this style. For more traditional residential spaces, wine cabinets come in all types of woods and finishes that can be chosen to match the space. Transtherm offers many wine cabinet designs of this variety. Some are even made to look like traditional dining hutches or sideboards. These wine cabinet designs are often fronted with beautiful glass doors, which come in many shapes and options. They can have intricate molding and base options, and be outfitted with custom handles.

Wine cabinets can be single bottle or double bottle deep, and most store in the range of 400-700 bottles. Many can be fitted with thermostat upgrades, locks, interior lights, and casters for portability. All well-constructed wine cabinets will be designed with sturdy racks that can withstand the significant weight of hundreds of 3-pound bottles of wine.

A wine cabinet can be not only a place to store and age wine, but a beautiful piece of furniture that can enhance the aesthetics of your space. Choosing a wine cabinet with unique design options can be an exciting way to personalize your wine storage system.

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