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Spirits Cabinet

Most wine aficionados are admirers of fine spirits as well. Why limit your display space to your wine collection, relegating your collection of liquors to a dusty kitchen cabinet?

There are many attractive ways to display your spirits and wine together. A custom wine cabinet can be equipped with glass shelving for your liquor bottles and outfitted with attractive lighting to showcase them. Another option is a bar that functions as storage for both wine and spirits. Howard Miller offers many furniture options. Though they are first and foremost meant as a place to store wine under the correct conditions for perfect aging, many of these pieces also include places for spirits bottles in their designs.

Some, like the Howard Miller South Haven, incorporate both a wine refrigerator and large countertop space that's perfect for storing and showcasing your spirits bottles. Others, like the Howard Miller Merlot Valley, have both horizontal shelving meant for wine bottles and vertical shelving meant for liquor bottles. Each includes a bartop area that's as good for mixing drinks as it is for pouring wine.

If you enjoy collecting and appreciating spirits as well as wine, look into options that can accommodate and showcase both of your collections.

Written by

Gene Walder

Former President and co-owner of Vintage Cellars and Vintage Wine Cellars, Gene started Vintage Cellars in 1990 and stepped down in 2020. Under new ownership, Vintage Cellars continues thriving 31 years later with over 2,500 gorgeous custom wine cellars designed and built. Gene is an expert in all aspects of building and designing custom wine cellars and wine storage.