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Hanging Wine Racks & Metal Wine Racks

Hanging or Sideways Wine Racks

People are used to seeing wine kept in shelf-type, cork-forward storage, so a hanging wine rack can provide your wine storage area with an intriguing visual aesthetic. A hanging wine rack can be a great option for anyone who wants to save space or showcase a unique decorative look. Hanging wine racks are also often called "sideways wine racks" because they place bottles sideways so the label is showing.

VintageView Presentation Row Metal Wine Racking

A popular addition to any Wall Series installation, VintageView Presentation Row Metal Wine Racking showcases a unique label-forward approach, resting the bottom of the bottle first.

A hanging wine rack displays wine in a floor-to-ceiling column of wine racking, with the bottles situated horizontally and parallel to the wall. Although it doesn't maximize space in the way that more traditional double-deep horizontal wine racks do, it does have a few advantages. A hanging wine rack can put storage in a space where deep shelving can't fit over a doorway, for example. A hanging wine rack also stores wine in the appropriate horizontal position required for proper wine aging, but allows the entire bottle including the label to be seen, solving the wine connoisseur's common problem of wanting to show off a wine's label while keeping the cork wet.

Hanging wine racks are not just limited to the walls. They can be installed as an eye-catching, over-door bridging unit, or even as ceiling racks, which give your wine cellar both extended storage and a distinctive look that is sure to catch the attention of your guests. Hanging wine racks are available as customizable racking kits, which allow you to put together racks of different sizes to perfectly fit your wine storage space, and give your wine cellar that rich, custom-made feel. Sideways wine rack styles are also available as small countertop wine racks and commercial wine storage systems.

Metal Lattice Wine Racks

Metal Lattice wine racks are an economical, easy to set up wine racking system. They are very durable and lightweight, so they are a good option for temporary storage or people who may move. Wire lattice wine racks are space efficient, holding about 150 bottles in a section a little over 2 feet wide and 5 feet tall. The wire wine racks we sell are built from cold rolled steel and coated with a baked-on finish that won't rust or chip.

Ultra Wine Racks

Ultra Wine Racks & Cellars really takes wine racking to a whole new level, with modern and truly distinctive options for storing and displaying your collection.

In addition to being economical and durable, metal lattice wine racks are also great for air circulation and easy cleaning. Proper cooling of your wines requires good airflow inside your wine racks and around the bottles, and metal lattice racks offer better airflow than most other wine racks.

Metal Lattice wine racks may be a good option for wine stores due to their inexpensive durability and easy set up. Commercial sellers looking to save money can use these metal lattice wine racks for backroom storage and a more elegant and traditional wood retail wine rack in their sales floor areas.

Decorative Metal Wine Racks

While hanging wine racks and lattice racks are great for large scale storage in a wine room or wine cellar, sometimes you want something a little more fun to display a few bottles in a kitchen, dining area or tasting room. Decorative wrought iron wine racks are a great choice for enhancing a room and are available in an array of styles and sizes to suit every decor and budget.

Written by

Gene Walder

Former President and co-owner of Vintage Cellars and Vintage Wine Cellars, Gene started Vintage Cellars in 1990 and stepped down in 2020. Under new ownership, Vintage Cellars continues thriving 31 years later with over 2,500 gorgeous custom wine cellars designed and built. Gene is an expert in all aspects of building and designing custom wine cellars and wine storage.