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Euro-Cave Filters

EuroCave Filters

Wine is a living, breathing organism. Like any living thing, it needs clean, premium air to thrive. The quality of the air it is exposed to determines how well your wine will age. You don't want it breathing bad air. Your wine cellar's humidifying and cooling device requires a filter to prevent odors and harmful particles from contaminating your wine. EuroCave filters use charcoal to provide your wine cellar with the natural ventilation and humidity control it needs to age properly.

The reason that EuroCave filters use charcoal is that it is a highly effective and also natural ventilating material. Charcoal is a very porous substance, and thus has an immensely large surface area-to-size ratio. This means that the charcoal in EuroCave filters has the ability to absorb many more times the amount of chemicals and odors from the air than other materials. Charcoal is formed of compressed organic matter made up of about 90% carbon, a naturally occurring element. Charcoal is thus a safe and effective filtrating material.

EuroCave filters provide a safe, long-lasting barrier between your investment and potentially damaging odors. They work with any EuroCave wine cellar. It is recommended that you change your EuroCave filter every year to maintain optimal air quality in your wine cellar.