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A Custom-Made Sauna with Unusually Striking Seams in Beverly Hills

Custom-made sauna interior in a Beverly Hills home with a deliberate seam in the middle This custom made sauna in Beverly Hills shows a unique design feature of a deliberate seam in the middle of the space

A custom-made sauna nestled in a Beverly Hills home offers a luxurious retreat with meticulously considered details. Crafted with dimensions of 135 x 91 inches and a ceiling height of 96 inches, this sanctuary boasts a modern ambiance enhanced by its choice of wood—hemlock. Hemlock’s consistent blonde hue lends a contemporary feel, unlike the variegated tones of cedar. The flooring, made of duckboard, provides both comfort and convenience, being removable for easy cleaning, with a finished floor beneath for added hygiene.

Designed with comfort in mind, the sauna features lower and upper benches at 18 and 36 inches respectively, catering to varying preferences. The ceiling, set at 8 feet, reflects careful consideration of heat distribution, ensuring optimal warmth at head level. Wall construction follows a railroad pattern, with T & G staggered to minimize seams, though a deliberate seam was incorporated per the client’s request, showcasing bespoke design elements. Safety is paramount, evidenced by a protective fence around the heater, meticulously balanced to prevent overheating while ensuring adequate ventilation.

Exterior view of a custom-made sauna in a Beverly Hills home, featuring a glass door next to a large marble indoor shower See the outside of this custom made sauna from inside our client’s home in Beverly Hills. Featuring a beautiful glass door next to a large, marble, indoor shower.

Completing the experience is a glass front, adhering to safety standards while offering an elegant touch. With attention to detail at every turn, this custom-made sauna exemplifies the seamless fusion of functionality and luxury, providing an inviting oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation in the heart of Beverly Hills.

CAD drawing of the design for a custom-made home sauna in Beverly Hills. CAD drawing of the design for this custom made home sauna in Beverly Hills.

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