Velvet Vine, a Wine App

Featured on Apple’s own website ( in May of 2010, Wine Cellar Pro by Velvet Vine, created by Tap Leap Software, LLC, quickly became one of the top five recommended iPhone applications.  Allowing users to manage wine inventories, track purchases, and take personal tasting notes, Velvet Vine also allows users to share their wine journals, tasting notes, and reviews with other members.

Velvet Vine's features include an online web management system, a sync feature to keep you up-to-date with wine information, a wishlist where you can enter wines you may want to purchase at a later date, an inventory that includes purchases, quantities, and favorite merchants, a search option to quickly peruse the stock in your own cellar, local announcements of tasting events, a vast reference section, and more!  You can even customize your own tasting events.

Velvet Vine, a Wine App

When you download Wine Cellar Pro by Velvet Vine, you will be embraced by a far-reaching virtual wine community, and can befriend and follow members who have similar tastes and and interests.  This personal, interactive touch puts connects you to a knowledgeable wine community in which members delight in sharing years of wisdom and wine experience.

For $3.99, you can download version 2.6.1 for you iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.  (The app requires iOS 3.0 or later.)  It was last updated in March of 2011.

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