wine cellar monitoringIf you're a wine collector, you know that maintaining a constant humidity and temperature in your cellar is essential.  Your cellar is fitted with high-tech temperature and humidity controls that keep your bottles in the environment they need.  And those bottles represent a significant investment

But what happens if your power goes out?  The conditions in your cellar could shift dramatically, endangering your valuable collection.

The solution to this problem is an electronic wine cellar monitoring system, and Sensaphone offers a particularly elegant product.  The Sensaphone Wine Cellar Monitoring System keeps an eye on your wine cellar so you don't have to.  If your power goes out or a break-in occurs, Sensaphone will track you down and let you know, calling multiple phone numbers until it reaches you.  Sensaphone can warn you if your smoke alarm goes off, if there's a fire, if there's flooding, or if your temperature or humidity are off-target.  You can even call your Sensaphone to make sure that all is well in your cellar, making it a great choice for someone who travels a lot or has multiple homes.

Your wine cellar represents a large investment, and making sure that investment is protected will give you peace of mind.