If your mom is like mine, there's nothing she'd rather do on Mother's Day than have a chance to relax with her family, minus the laundry and dishes.  And what better way to help her get some me-time than wine?  Wine is a great way to celebrate with your mom, and you don't need to plan an extravagant wine tasting or a fancy dinner to do it. Whether you're celebrating with brunch or dinner, Vintage Cellars has a great Mother's Day idea for you.  Best of all, these ideas are man-friendly!  If you're a dad or son trying to do something special for the mom in your life, look no further than these easy, fool-proof ideas. For Brunch: Are you going the traditional breakfast-in-bed route?  Then make it extra special with a champagne cocktail.  It's equally great accompanied by a fancy breakfast spread with all the trimmings or her toddler's proud creation of soggy waffles and burnt toast.  There are tons of recipes for champagne cocktails out there, but if you want an easy recipe that will guarantee the smile on your mom's face, try this one (hint: it's especially good because it's strawberry season, and they're sweet and delicious right now). Simple Strawberry Champagne Cocktail
  • Put a splash of strawberry-flavored liquor (Framboise is one) in a champagne flute.  (If you're the measuring type, try half a shot.)
  • Top with your mom's favorite champagne.  DON'T stir the cocktail or you'll ruin the bubbles!
  • Garnish with a fresh strawberry (make a slice in the strawberry starting at the tip, but stop halfway to the top.  Stick the strawberry on the rim of the glass.)  Don't skip the garnish--it's what makes it special!
  • Present to mom with a card.  She'll smile for the rest of the day!
  • Variations: rim the flute with sugar first (put sugar on a small plate, invert the glass, dip the top of the glass in water, and swirl it around in the sugar.)  If you don't want to use the liquor, you could puree some strawberries in a blender or food processor and use that instead, following the same directions.
For Lunch or Dinner: Most women love cheeses, and Mother's Day is a great time for your mom to indulge.  Setting up a wine and cheese platter for your mom couldn't be simpler, but it has that personal touch that makes it special.  Visit your local cheese shop or grocery store and pick out a few cheeses and (this is essential) a crusty baguette or loaf of French bread.  If you don't know what cheeses your mom will like, no stress--just mix and match.  Try some soft cheeses and some harder ones so your mom can have fun tasting the different kinds.  Slice the bread, add some fruit (don't forget strawberries are great right now!), put on a big platter, and all you need is the wine. The simplest, most foolproof wine to pair with cheese is champagne.  Champagne goes well with almost any cheese (even the stinky or blue-veined kinds!).  It also acts as a palate cleanser, which means that your mom can taste different cheeses back-to-back without her taste buds getting tired.  If your mom isn't partial to champagne or you'd like to try something different, visit our post on pairing wine and cheese.  It has some great tips for tasty pairings.  Sit back with your mom, eat and drink, and enjoy some bonding time (which all moms love). Remember, the best gifts come from the heart, so think about what makes your mom happiest.  If she craves some time to relax with her family, try one of our ideas for a Mother's Day that is special, but super-simple.