As the holidays draw closer, it's time to get serious about shopping.  Here are some more great gifts by leather company Mulholland, available from Vintage Cellars: Mulholland Leather Wine Case picture 2Mulholland is a maker and purveyor of fine leather products.  Their goods only improve with age, and will last for generations.  Mulholland's line of leather wine bags was developed for the true wine connoisseur.  They are perfect for carrying wine to a party, a picnic, or even across the country.  Mulholland makes wine carrying bags to hold one, two, or six bottles.  The six-bottle carriers are also available in a rolling style perfect for transporting your beloved bottles through busy airports.  All carriers are made with a semi-rigid insulated nylon liner that maintains the temperature of chilled whites and champagnes, and protects red wines from temperature extremes.  Each comes with a handle and shoulder strap, and all are shipped with a free stainless corkscrew. Mulholland Leather Flask picture 4For the wine lover who also enjoys fine liquor, Mulholland makes flasks from their premium leather.  These flasks are stainless steel and wrapped in one of Mulholland's two leathers: the Lariat or the Latigo.  The Lariat is a strong, honey-brown leather that ages beautifully, acquiring a surface etched with marks from daily wear.  The Latigo is a rich, dark leather cured with natural vegetable extracts.  Its distinctive sheen makes it a beautiful material for all of Mulholland's crafts.  Flasks are available in 4 or 6 oz styles, and include screw caps that are hinged to the flask's surface, ensuring they will never be lost.  Mulholland's flasks are crafted with the finest workmanship, and make stunning gifts. Mulholland Leather Golf Bag picture 3It's no secret that many wine lovers are avid golfers.  The ultimate golfing gift?  One of Mulholland's all-leather golf bags.  Handcrafted from the signature leather that has made the name "Mulholland" synonymous with "fine leather," a Mulholland golf bag is a gift that will last a lifetime.  Made of only the hardiest, most durable leather, a golf bag by Mulholland will acquire a unique patina of scrapes and scratches that will tell the story of your golfer's years on the links.  These golf bags are divided into three sections and come with several accessory compartments, as well as adjustable shoulder straps, leather trunk handles, water-repellant rain hoods, and umbrella holders.  Consider gifting the golf lover in your life with the ultimate in beauty and function: a leather golf bag by Mulholland.