Do you have any wine lovers on your gift list this Christmas?  Check out these great gifts for wine lovers from Vintage Cellars:

Pek Wine Steward

Many wine collectors enjoy opening a bottle to drink with a weeknight dinner.  But most often, they don't want to finish the whole bottle.  They might try recorking it and stashing it in the refrigerator, but are invariably disappointed by the wine's quality the next day.  After all, there's no sense in buying and aging fine wine if you're only going to enjoy two glasses.

Meet the Pek Wine Steward, the first device ever made that truly extends the life of an open wine bottle.  The Wine Steward works by replacing the air in the top of an open bottle with argon gas, protecting the wine against the harmful effects of oxidation.  For any connoisseur, the Wine Steward is an indispensable tool and a great gift.

Riedel Glassware

Perfect wine deserves a perfect vessel.  There is no better maker of fine glassware than Riedel (contrary to popular belief, "Riedel" rhymes with "needle"), an Austrian company that has been producing glasses and decanters for eleven generations.  In that time, the name Riedel has become synonymous with quality.  The technical precision of their glass designs, with such characteristics as large bowl sizes for capturing aromas, make Reidel glasses the ideal way to enjoy wine.

Reidel makes a variety of glass designs, but one great holiday gift is the Riedel "O" Stemless glasses.

Stemless glassware is a trendyRiedel decanter and also perfectly usable way to enjoy fine wine.  In addition to its of-the-moment appeal, stemless glassware fits perfectly in a dishwasher or picnic basket.  Its sturdy design makes it a great gift for grandparents or families with young children.  "O" Stemless glassware comes in several varieties specifically made for different wine types, from Pinot to Chardonnay.

Riedel Decanter

World-renowned glassware company Riedel also manufactures decanters: large, necked glass bottles that wine is poured into before service, allowing it to aerate.  Wine connoisseurs know that allowing the wine to come in contact with air before serving brings out its best flavors.  Younger wines and some older wines can greatly benefit from being decanted before they are enjoyed.

Besides being functional, Reidel's decanters are true works of art, offered in designs that range from traditional to modern.  Browse the full line of Riedel glassware.

Rogar Wine Opener

Rogar wine openerA high-tech wine opener is a must-have for any wine collector.  Rogar makes professional-grade wine openers that open wine quickly and easily.  Those days of floating cork pieces are over.

Rogar offers a variety of wine openers.  The Champion can be clamped to a bar, and can re-cork your wine bottles as well as open them.   The Estate Wine Opener specializes in beauty and functionality, taking an antique design and outfitting it with modern technology.  The Professional Wine Opener is crafted to look like an antique corkscrew.  It is equipped with a plastic safety barrier around the auger, and automatically ejects the cork once the bottle is open. Hint: Table-mounted openers make great gifts for wine lovers who can never find their bottle opener!

Wine Barrel Furniture

Unique, functional, and vintage: wine furniture from Vintage Cellars is the ultimate gift.  Wine furniture from the Barrel Collection is made by Fontenay Wood, a company that constructs pieces completely from vintage wine barrels and tanks.  Beautiful tables and chairs are composed entirely of the medium for wine aging.  The curvature from wine barrels is crafted into elegantly arched table legs and chair backs, and the wood's natural burgundy stain has been soaked into the grain from years of wine aging. These unique qualities make the furniture a natural conversation starter, and a great place to sit and enjoy a perfect glass.  Reclaimed wine barrels can also be made into countertops, doors, floors, or anything the imagination can shape them into.

Check back next week for more great gifts for wine lovers from Vintage Cellars.  Happy shopping!