Breezaire cooling unit in a wine cellarWhen most people think of a wine cellar, they think of the aesthetic: a grand door, gorgeous wooden racking, perhaps a piece of wine-themed artwork. And of course, these aspects of your wine cellar are incredibly important; they're what make it fit seamlessly in the design of your home, work with your lifestyle, and put a stamp on your cellar that's uniquely yours.

But one of the most important parts of a wine cellar is one that's entirely behind the scenes: the cooling system. Wine cellar cooling units are much more than air conditioners. They control not only temperature, but also humidity. They are specifically engineered to create the ideal environment for preserving and aging wine. The best wine cellar cooling units not only control the environment, but constantly monitor it, allowing you to see at a glance that your wine is being taken care of.

There are many companies that manufacture wine cellar cooling units, but only a few that do it to the exacting standards that your valuable wine collection deserves. One of the best manufacturers of wine cellar cooling units is Breezaire. Some of Breezaire's excellent features include:

  1. Gentle cooling: Most air conditioning systems blast the room with a stream of freezing-cold air. But this kind of extreme temperature can interfere with the delicate wine aging process. Breezaire cools by using a gentle stream of cool--not cold--air, which keeps the wine protected from abrupt temperature changes.
  2. Automatic humidity control: Humidity is vital to a wine cellar. The proper level of humidity helps prevent label deterioration, and more importantly, cork deterioration, which can ruin your wine. Breezaire systems maintain humidity at an ideal level of 50 to 75 percent.
  3. Quiet operation: Your wine cellar should be a place you enjoy being. A noisy cooling system can ruin your sense of peace and tranquility. Beyond that, vibrations--even those too small for a human to detect--can interfere with your wine's aging process. Breezaire systems are assembled by hand and tested to ensure that the level of noise and vibration is kept at an absolute minimum.
  4. Simple and elegant installation: Breezaire systems are designed to require no special plumbing, wiring, or complicated procedures to install. Once installed, Breezaire systems are design to sit flush with the wall, and are virtually unnoticeable.
  5. Expert support: Installing a cooling system can be tricky. Breezaire has a team of experts equipped to design the perfect system, problem-solve, and maintain your system far into the future.

Interested in building the wine cellar of your dreams, complete with a cooling system that will help you build the wine collection of your dreams? Contact a Vintage Cellars expert to talk about the best options for you.