Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that special wine enthusiast?  Look no further: Vintage Cellars has tons of great wine gift ideas.  Make sure you check out last week's wine gifts post, and stay in touch for the next installment!

Creative Wine Rack

Delia wine rackDelia Wine Storage makes unique, artistic wine racks with metal and glass.  These racks add a conversation-starting touch to any wine collection.  Many are small, and so are ideal for wine lovers in tight spaces.  If you know someone whose apartment won't fit a wine refrigerator, or a wine collector just starting out, a Delia rack might be an ideal choice.  But these beautiful wine storage sculptures aren't limited to those in small spaces.  They can also be used to spruce up a kitchen or add an interesting element to an existing wine cellar.

Delia makes a wide variety of wine racks, from wine trees to wine tables to wall mounts.  Their elegant, modern designs add a unique touch to any wine collection.  These artistic storage options are a great wine gift idea for anyone who appreciates functional art.  Make sure to check out full line of Delia wine racks.

KleanKanteen Wine Karafe


picture this: you've hiked to the top of a forested mountain with your loved one.  You spread a blanket and relax to watch the sun set over the gorgeous panorama you've worked so hard to see.  You reach into your backpack and pull out your water bottle.

Something's missing, right?  Life's great moments deserve to be celebrated with a toast.  But those special moments don't always happen near a kitchen.  What's a hiking, camping, or picnicking wine lover to do?  Meet the KleanKanteen.  No more pretending your sports drink is Chardonnay or worrying about your wine bottle shattering in your backpack.  The KleanKanteen is a high-grade, virtually unbreakable container specifically designed to hold a standard 750 mL bottle of wine.  This food-grade stainless steel is free from all toxins. Best of all, it doesn't retain or impart flavors like a traditional plastic beverage container, so it can carry a Pinot Grigio or a Zinfandel with equal ease.  The KleedKanteen Karafe can even be purchased with an insulating tote to keep wines at the correct temperature, even after a long walk on a hot tropical beach.

For any wine enthusiast who would love to take her passion outdoors, the KleanKanteen Wine Karafe is the perfect gift.

Know a wine purist who rejects "fancy" openers, preferring the subtle artistry and show of skill that comes with opening a bottle with a traditional Sommelier Knife? This professional wine tool and leather case by maker of fine leather Mulholland might be the perfect gift. This ages-old corkscrew design includes a knife, pull, and corkscrew, perfect for opening that bottle that's been aging for 50 years the way it was meant to be opened. This Sommelier Knife comes encased in a pouch made of Mulholland's fine leather.
Corkscrew and leather caseMulholland makes most of its luxury leather goods in two colors. The first is the "Lariat™," known for its honeyed surface known for its uniqueness: each product acquires marks and scratches from use that become part of the beauty of the material. The second is the "Latigo™," a darker stout color cured with vegetable extracts and polished with a high-speed glass cylinder. For the Sommelier Corkscrew and Case, Mulholland makes a third color: a rich, medium "Bridle Tan."
For the wine collector who would love a high-quality tool that will last for generations, the Mulholland All-Leather Sommelier Corkscrew and Leather Case is a great gift.