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Wine Guardian water-cooled systems are ideal for locations where venting air to the outside is not an option. They are the same size as equivalent-BTU air-cooled systems but require no airflow over the condenser. The Wine Guardian 1/4 Ton, 3000BTU Water-Cooled System cools wine cellars up to 800cf without requiring outside venting. Water is only used when cooling is needed, to maintain the efficiency of the system. The Wine Guardian 1/4 Ton Water-Cooled System uses corrosion-resistant aluminum body casing and is completely self-contained. Like other Wine Guardian systems, the Wine Guardian 1/4 Ton Water- Cooled System uses a wall-mount thermostat for superior temperature management. Humidification and heating attachments are available for use in difficult climates. Larger water-cooled systems are available.

New Serving Temperature Option

Wine Guardian cooling units have a New Serving temperatures option that you can add to your purchase.

The Serving Temperature option allows the Wine Guardian unit to control to an extended temperature range from 42℉ to 64℉ (5℃ to 18℃). This is great for different applications, from single to multiple cabinet applications and small wine rooms where consumption temperature cooling is preferred. The user can also rotate the wine stock and change the set point in each season of the year, which makes it ideal for restaurants, clubs, wine bars, etc.

What's included in my shipment?

  • Wine Guardian Cooling Unit
  • Built In Electric Heater(Optional)
  • In-Line in Humidifier(Optional)
  • Wall Mounted Humidifier(Optional)
  • Supply-Air Kits(Optional)
  • Return-Air Kits(Optional)
  • Return Duct Collars(Optional)
  • Supply Duct Collars(Optional)
  • Low Ambient Temperature Compressor Protection(Optional)
  • Extended Warranty(Optional)
  • Installation Instructions
  • Warranty


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