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The Extreme 8000ti introduces variable speed fans to WhisperKOOL's most advanced and powerful self-contained cooling system. Utilizing variable speed fans this high capacity unit can maintain optimal cellar conditions while operating at a quiet 57 decibels. The Extreme is designed to fit between standard wall studs for simple "through- the-wall" installation with minimum modification to existing wall structures. Extremes are acceptable for mounting through an exterior wall and can operate in a 110℉ exhaust environment. The 8000ti includes our most advanced controller utilizing Advanced System Protection Technology. This features a series of strategically placed monitoring probes, which insure efficient performance and long cooling unit life. This system is designed to maintain 55℉ and 50-70% relative humidity in a cellar up to 2000cu. ft. in size.

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What's included in my shipment?

  • Installation Guide
  • Self-contained cooling system
  • Condensation tube
  • Power cord
  • Any upgrades purchased with unit
  • 2 year parts and labor / 5 year compressor


    Product Dimensions
    • Height 22 in
    • Width 14.25 in
    • Depth 27.5 in
    • Capacity Up to 2,000 cu. ft.
    • BTU 8,000
    • AMPS Starting 36 A
    • AMPS Running 10 A
    • Installation Through the wall unless opted for fully ducted.
    • Temp Delta 55℉ temperature differential (maintains proper cellar temperature when exhaust environment does not exceed 110℉)
    • Outside Venting Can be done if the outside temperature does not exceed 110℉, the external grille cover is highly recommended.
    • Ducting Options Unit can be fully ducted.
    • Weight 150 lbs.
    • dBA High: 60 Decibels / Med: 59 Decibels / Low: 57 Decibels


    Extreme 8000ti Features

    • Selectable 3-speed fans
    • Reliable starting and running performance, even under the most extreme outdoor conditions
    • Fits neatly between wall studs for quick and simple installation
    • Advanced electronic display
    • Liquid bottle probe
    • Superior Humidity control allows the system to manage moisture for improved wine quality
    • Two year parts and labor warranty
    • Maintains 55℉ and 50-70% humidity in cellars up to 2000 cu ft.
    • Designed to blend seamlessly within cellar racking
    • Oversized coils
    • Quiet operation technology delivers sound levels as low as 51 db.
    • Durable finish


    whisperkool thermostat

    Digital Thermostat: Digital Control Display

    Temp. Delta: 55℉ temperature differential (maintains proper cellar temperature when exhaust environment does not exceed 110℉)

    whisperkool thermostat
    Remote Digital Thermostat Upgrade

    This series offers an advanced liquid temperature controller with a remote LED display (which can be placed up to 300 line feet from the unit) and electronic thermostat. The systems are designed to maintain 55℉ and 50-70% relative humidity.


    WhisperKOOL Series Accessories:

    whisperkool ducting plenum

    Ducting Collar
    This plenum allows either side of the unit to be ducted. Duct the cold air through a vent into the cellar, duct the hot exhaust air out of the home. This plenum allows for total installation flexibility.


    WhisperKool Warranty

    A limited 2-year parts and labor / 5-year compressor warranty is offered with all of our cooling units/systems at their date of purchase. All warranty claims must be filed directly through WhisperKool customer service (800) 343-9463 (ext. 799). We provide warranty repairs at our manufacturing facility in Stockton, CA or, with prior permission from WhisperKool, by a licensed HVAC/R technician. In the event a unit is not reparable in the field, and is still under warranty, we will cover shipping costs (excluding customs fees and duties).

    The limited warranty applies only to wine cooling units purchased from the factory or an authorized dealer. Damage caused by others or beyond the control of WhisperKool, shall not be considered defects in material or workmanship and is not covered by the warranty. The limited warranty does not cover any parts or labor to correct any defect caused by negligence, commercial use, accident, maintenance, installation, service/repair, or improper use.

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