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This wine cellar ducting kit is designed to relocate unwanted heat from the exhaust of the SC/XLT Series. It works by utilizing an inline fan, which automatically turns on as temperatures rise to potentially wine damaging levels. This wine cellar ducting unit can direct exhaust in a variety of directions, for convenient use. It is great for small spaces prone to heat build up.


Small Duct works on the SC 2000i/3000i/4000i and XLT 1600/3000/4200 - Kit includes:

  • Duct Plenum
  • Transition with integrated heat sensor
  • 8" In-line fan
  • 8" Adjustable elbow

Large Duct works on the SC 6000i/8000i and XLT 6000/8000 - Kit includes:

  • Duct Plenum
  • Transition with integrated heat sensor
  • 10" In-line fan with transitions to 8"
  • 8" Adjustable elbow


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