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NOW EVEN QUIETER! Designed to be built- in, this wine cabinet is perfect for sophisticated wine collectors seeking simplicity and style and is ideally suited for modern dwellings.

Le Cache Loft 1400 Wine Cabinet Built-In (P/N 2333). Designed to be built-in, this wine cabinet is perfect for sophisticated wine collectors seeking simplicity and style and is ideally suited for modern dwellings. The tinted double- paned glass door is framed to showcase fine wine collections in their entirety. Sealed seams and premium insulation provide maximum thermal protection while our all-wood Universal racking easily accommodates large-format wine bottles. The door can be hinged on either side, and is available in a choice of black matte or brushed aluminum finishes. The door pull also is available in a choice of black matte or brushed aluminum finishes.

This wine cabinet includes our front-vent hood and grill, and is designed to be built-in. We recommend the CellarPro 1800QT cooling unit with this wine cabinet.

We offer an extended warranty with enhanced coverage for our wine cabinets and cooling units.


    Wine Cabinet Specifications
    • Height 79 in
    • Width 31 in
    • Depth 29 in
    • Capacity 172 Bottles
    • Electrical Requirements 115V AC / 60 Hz
    • Weight 320 lbs.
    Running / Startup Amps (compressor)
    • CellarPro 1800QTL 3 Amps / 14.2 Amps
    • CellarPro 1800QT 3 Amps / 20.1 Amps
    • CellarPro 1800XT 3 Amps / 20.1 Amps


    Wine Cabinet Features

    • Aluminum Door(hinged left or right)
    • Choice of finish on door and grill
    • Designed to be built-in
    • Double-pane tinted glass
    • Black laminate exterior
    • Foil-backed polyisocyanurate insulation
    • 1800 CellarPro cooling system (made in USA)
    • Electronic Thermostat and Digital Display
    • Adjustable Humidity Control
    • Energy-Saver and Quick-Chill Modes
    • Audible and Visual Alarms
    • SB Technology - Flush against the Wall
    • Top-vent exhaust
    • High Performance Air Filtration System
    • All-wood Interlock racks
    • Universal racking fits oversized bottles
    • Low-heat interior light
    • Optional bottle probe
    • Five-year warranty on the cooling system
    • Two-year warranty on entire cabinet
    • Optional Extended Warranty

    Additional Info

    LE CACHE EXTENDED WARRANTY (for an extra $199)

    Le Cache extended warranty coverage includes five (5) years of coverage for the wine cabinet and CellarPro cooling system.

    Le Cache Extended Warranty. Designed to augment our standard warranty, our extended warranty increases and enhances coverage as follows:

    • Increases the warranty period from 2 to 5 years on the wine cabinet (from the date of purchase), and enhances the warranty coverage for the cooling unit
    • Covers the cost of all parts and labor to repair or replace defective parts on the cabinet and the cooling unit during the warranty period
    • Covers the cost of in-home service for the cabinet and the cooling unit during the warranty period (up to 2 hours per incident)
    • Covers shipping costs of replacement parts for the cabinet and the cooling unit (via standard ground service) during the warranty period

    Please note the following terms and conditions:

    • A deductible of $49 will be charged per incident Leveling the cabinet and related door alignment issues are not covered by the extended warranty

    • Cleaning the coils and/or replacing the filter on the cooling

    • Replacing the light bulb is not covered by the extended warranty

    • Scratches, blemishes and other cosmetic damage caused during transit and/or normal wear-and-tear are not covered by the extended warranty

    • Issues related to improper installation and/or usage of the products are not covered by the extended warranty

    The extended warranty is available exclusively to residential customers in the continental U.S. for use in non- commercial applications

    The extended warranty is not transferable


    Wine Cabinet Upgrades

    Front Vent Hood with Grill Specifically designed to work with Le Cache wine cabinets (NO MOLDINGS) using CellarPro cooling units, our front-vent hood and grill allows you to place your cabinet in alcoves, built-in spaces and locations with low ceiling height. The hood also reduces noise from the cooling unit by 3-4 decibels.

    Le Cache Sound Hood Specifically designed to work with CellarPro cooling systems (rear-vented) and Le Cache wine cabinets using CellarPro cooling units (top AND rear-vented), our sound hood achieves a noise reduction of 2-3 decibels.

    Display Cradle Solid wood cradles are designed to proudly display prized wine bottles in Le Cache wine cabinets. Hand-crafted solid wood cradles from Le Cache are designed to proudly display cherished wine bottles in Le Cache wine cabinets. Each cradle allows a wine bottle to face forward in three positions: slightly tilted, full tilt (shown) and upright. Display cradles can be placed side-by- side and positioned almost anywhere inside Le Cache wine cabinets.

    Alarm Autodialer Provides immediate notification of an alarm or power outage when wired to CellarPro cooling units.

    High Output LED Light High-output LED lighting offers superior illumination and efficiency, and generates cool white light throughout the wine cabinet. Our thin-line high-output LED lighting features advanced light engines and a diffused lens to create super-bright directional illumination with energy-saving efficiency. With cleaner, whiter light that is superior to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights, our LED fixture generates cool white color temperatures of 6500 - 7500K that casts a cool blue hue throughout the wine cabinet.

    Universal racking Universal racking (3 3/4" opening) fits most individual wine bottle sizes, including Burgundy and many Champagne bottles. "Racked Capacity" refers to the total number of bottles that can be racked individually. "Bulk Capacity" refers to the estimated number of bottles that can be stored on the top of the rack to the left and to the right of the Breezaire cooling unit.

    Cooling Unit

    CellarPro Cooling Unit

    Inside, the Le Cache Mission 1400 Wine Cabinet is home to a CellarPro 1800QT cooling system. This system is an extremely quiet, low vibration unit with an array of high tech features: digital display, humidity control, auto defrost, and energy saving modes for environmental friendliness. Combined with premium insulation, this creates an ideal wine storage climate inside your Le Cache Mission 1400 Wine Cabinet. A security lock and low-heat interior light are standard.

    Depending on your needs and cabinet size, you may choose between these cooling systems:

    • CellarPro 1800QTL Our quietest cooling unit designed for residential applications, the 1800QTL is appropriate for all but the largest wine cabinets provided that the cabinet will be in a temperature-controlled environment.
    • CellarPro 1800QT Slightly louder than the 1800QTL, this cooling unit provides extra BTU and easily can maintain 55℉ in our largest wine cabinets.
    • CellarPro 1800XT The 1800XT cooling unit is recommended for wine cabinets that will be placed in restaurants and other commercial applications, as well as non-temperature-controlled environments -- like garages and basements -- up to 95℉.



    For five years from the date of original delivery, your Le Cache warranty covers all parts and labor to repair or replace any components that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship in the cooling unit. Under the terms of this warranty, Le Cache will repair or replace the original cooling unit with a new or refurbished cooling unit and, once replaced, the original cooling unit must be returned to Le Cache. The cooling unit is self-enclosed and is located inside the wine cabinet and is mounted to the top of the cabinet.


    For two years from the date of original delivery, your Le Cache warranty covers all parts and labor to repair or replace any part of the product which proves to be defective in materials or workmanship.


    All service provided by Le Cache under the above warranties must be performed by a designated repair center, unless otherwise specified by Le Cache. Purchaser is responsible for removing and reinstalling the cooling unit from the wine cabinet, and for shipping to and from Le Cache or to and from a designated repair facility. The limited warranty applies only to wine cabinets purchased from the factory or an authorized dealer. For wine cabinets delivered to Hawaii and locations outside the United States, the District of Columbia or Canada, the limited warranty applies to the cooling unit, but it does not apply to the wine cabinet. Damage caused by others or by any cause beyond the control of Le Cache, shall not be considered defects in material or workmanship and are not covered by the warranty. The limited warranty does not cover any parts or labor to correct any defect caused by negligence, commercial use, accident, or improper use, maintenance, installation, service or repair. The limited warranty also does not cover any parts or labor to correct any damage caused by severe temperature variations, direct sunlight, extremely dry conditions or great humidity changes. THE REMEDIES DESCRIBED ABOVE FOR EACH WARRANTY ARE THE ONLY ONES, WHICH LE CACHE WILL PROVIDE, EITHER UNDER THESE WARRANTIES OR UNDER ANY WARRANTY ARISING BY OPERATION OF LAW. LE CACHE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES ARISING FROM THE BREACH OF THESE WARRANTIES OR ANY OTHER WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other legal rights, which vary from state to state.To receive parts and/or service and the name of a Le Cache designated repair facility nearest you, contact your Le Cache dealer. You may also contact Le Cache Premium Wine Cabinets directly by calling us at (877) 532-2243.


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