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Nitrogen wine preservation systems use a blanket of nitrogen to displace oxygen inside your wine bottle, preventing the effect of oxidization on your wines. Each nitrogen canister preserves about 25 bottles of wine. If you prefer, you can purchase replacement nitrogen canisters for wine preservation systems like Wine Keeper in 2-packs, 6-packs, or 12-packs as well as single replacement nitrogen canisters.

Counter-top refrigerated dispenser keeps open bottles fresh for weeks and ready to pour. Includes disposable Nitrogen canister.

WineKeeper Thermal Black w/ Black Faucets, Nitrogen. Dispense wines by the glass while protecting them from spoiling with a pressurized blanket of Nitrogen. Attach 2 open bottles to the faucets, and chill 2 additional bottles inside the temperature-controlled Keeper.

This thermal electric unit chills down to 50℉ for white wines, or 54-60℉ for ideal red wine storing temperature. Ultra-quiet operation makes this refrigerated wine bar a practical yet stylish choice for homes cellars and small restaurants.

Made in the USA.

This item includes compressed gas, and therefore requires a hazmat fee of $30, which will be included in the shipping amount.

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Note: In keeping the environment in mind, you may also recycle your empty canister as a steel can. For more information call your local recycling facility.


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