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Decorative Wine Racks

Decorative Wrought Iron Wine Racks

While custom wine racks, wine rack kits and metal wine racking systems are great for wine cellars and large-scale wine storage, sometimes you just want a small, interesting, artistic wine rack to display a few bottles in a kitchen or entertaining area. That's where Delia's wrought iron wine racks really shine.

The metalworkers and artists who produce Delia wrought iron wine racks have managed to bring elegant, flowing shapes out of solid metal. The designs are curvaceous, organic shapes that look great even when empty of wine and even better with a few interesting bottles in them. Designs range from single-bottle table top units to large "wine trees". Glass and wrought iron wine rack tables are an elegant option for a tasting area, and the line of wine accessories includes decorative stoppers.

Delia wrought iron wine racks are made by artists and metalworkers in Portland, Oregon and all the designs are original. Better still, nearly all the designs place the bottles with the cork low so that it stays wet. There's an iron wine rack for everyone, with designs that range from mission style wine consoles to quirky wine bug bottle caddies. The wine tree styles are the most popular, however, with sizes from bonsai to sequoia. These wrought iron racks have flowing, spiraling shapes and can hold up to 17 bottles.

In addition to elegant wrought iron wine rack designs, Delia's artists also creates fun and beautiful menorahs for the holidays. Sleek and curving designs mimic the style of the wine trees, a dancing people design celebrates love and family, and a unique puzzle menorah lets family members assemble it as it is lit.

Check out the whole range of Delia functional art and get inspired to decorate your home with wine!