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Custom Wine Cellars in Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City Missouri Custom Wine Cellar Design, Wine Closet and Wine Room with Glass Front

This show-stopping, glass-enclosed custom wine cellar design, created by Vintage Cellars of San Diego, California, truly proves that any space within a home can be converted into a fantastic, usable wine storage space. Wine Rooms such as this often require an oversized wine storage cooling unit or cooling system due to the large glass wall.

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La Jolla Modern Mahogany Wine Cellar with Diamond Bins, Wine Drawers, Full Reveal Horizontal Display, Marble Counter Top, and a Rolling Ladder

The main reason many homeowners invest their time and money in building a wine cellar is to keep their wine collection safe. Wine will provide you with long-lasting enjoyment if it is kept in a climate-controlled environment. It is also important that your wine room is designed with gorgeous styles of racking that provide convenience and ease of access to your prized wines. At Vintage Cellars, we always make sure that our client’s wine cellar can store their prized collection safely and beautifully.

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71 Above Restaurant - Dual Contemporary Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar

This Glass Enclosed, stunning contemporary custom wine cellar, built by the professional team at Vintage Cellars of San Diego, California, is truly the showpiece of this chic restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles. This split wine cellar has two completely custom rooms, making the large wine cellars visible from most angles within the restaurant. The custom design utilizes VintageView Evolution Black Rod Racking, as well as incorporating some other modern rustic composite racking on the back wall.

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Pamplemousse Grille Del Mar San Diego Custom Wine Cellar Restaurant Wine Cellar

This custom wine cellar inside of renowned Pamplemousse Grille Restaurant in Del Mar, San Diego, California is truly an eye-catcher. Originally built for Pamplemousse's 5th anniversary, this wine cellar proves classic and timeless with distressed maple doors and traditional redwood racking behind them.

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San Diego Glass Enclosed Rustic Wine Cellar Rancho Bernardo Inn AVANT Restaurant

Wine Cellars such as this are truly elegant, unique, and inspiring! This wine cellar, built by Vintage Cellars and their wine cellar builders, has many interesting features including high reveal display rows, large-format bottle storage, a decanting countertop under a custom archway, a small wine locker, and of course views in and out of the cellar in virtually every direction.

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