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Custom Wine Cellars in Dana Point, California

Dana Point Orange County Stonehill Tavern Custom Wine Cellar Design California

These breathtaking wine cabinets in Dana Point, California were constructed from custom metal wine racks and dual pane insulated glass. These showpiece wine cellars are inside of Michael Mina's Stonehill Tavern Restaurant at the Monarch Beach Resort in Orange County, California.

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Corona Del Mar Newport Beach Glass Enclosed Modern Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar

This gorgeous contemporary glass front custom wine cellar in Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach, California is an eye-catcher. The sleek, glass ultra-modern wine room was a unique and exciting project for our team here at Vintage Cellars. The stone bar extends into the wine cellar itself, but due to mechanical, cooling, and condensation concerns, our expert custom wine cellar team knew that extra measures needed to be taken to ensure the end quality remained top-notch.

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San Juan Capistrano Orange County Wine Cellar Wrought Iron Redwood Wine Barrel

This fantastically designed wine cellar, built by the master wine cellar builders at Vintage Cellars, is a unique representation of fun and bespoke features that can be incorporated into a traditional redwood, yet modern and bright wine cellar.

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San Juan Capistrano Glass Contemporary and Modern Custom Wine Cellar Wine Wall Wine Room

This beautiful custom wine cellar/wine wall/wine room in San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California is truly a jaw-dropper. Vintage Cellars, wine cellar builders out of san Diego, California, were able to design and build this masterpiece as a major center point of this dining room and kitchen.

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San Diego Glass Enclosed Rustic Wine Cellar Rancho Bernardo Inn AVANT Restaurant

Wine Cellars such as this are truly elegant, unique, and inspiring! This wine cellar, built by Vintage Cellars and their wine cellar builders, has many interesting features including high reveal display rows, large-format bottle storage, a decanting countertop under a custom archway, a small wine locker, and of course views in and out of the cellar in virtually every direction.

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Rustic Modern Wine Room Custom Wine Cellar Design Newport Beach, Orange County

Vintage Cellars recently transformed an underused closet in the Crystal Cove, Newport Beach Residential Development Development in Orange County, California into a functional wine room or wine closet. We combined different wine rack styles to create a stunning wine storage space for the client's wine collection and created a wine racking design that can hold up to 812 bottles.

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