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Custom Wine Cellars in Brentwood, California

Los Angeles Modern Farmhouse - Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar with Wood and Metal Display Racking

Vintage Cellars collaborated with Sharon Taftian Interior Design and Boswell Construction in Los Angeles, California to create this modern farmhouse style wine cellar with glass windows and a triple deep wine wall. Through close meetings with the Interior Designer, Builder, and homeowner, Vintage Cellars was able to craft a one of a kind custom wine cellar that perfectly matched the rest of this uniquely designed country home in Brentwood, California.

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71 Above Restaurant - Dual Contemporary Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar

This Glass Enclosed, stunning contemporary custom wine cellar, built by the professional team at Vintage Cellars of San Diego, California, is truly the showpiece of this chic restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles. This split wine cellar has two completely custom rooms, making the large wine cellars visible from most angles within the restaurant. The custom design utilizes VintageView Evolution Black Rod Racking, as well as incorporating some other modern rustic composite racking on the back wall.

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Hollywood Hills Industrial Modern and Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar with Wine Room

Modern and Contemporary Wine Cellars such as this one in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California are becoming very popular design features. Custom wine cellars and adjacent tasting rooms remain a very good choice for serious wine collectors. There are so many different types of racking styles in today's market, you can literally store and display your wine in whatever fashion suits your style best.

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