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Glass Enclosed Stone and Wood Wine Cellar with High Reveal Display Rows, Case Storage Drawers, and Decanting Countertop

This 1000+ Bottle, glass-enclosed, custom wine cellar was built in Memphis, Tennessee using custom stain and finish and Maple wine racking. This beautiful, almost mid-century-looking wine room utilizes a 1 ton fully ducted wine guardian cooling system. Vintage Cellars made sure to oversize this cooling unit in this particular wine storage space due to the large glass doors the client wished to incorporate into the space. What a showpiece wine room this space is!

custom wine cellar

Vintage Cellars was able to work with this client from start to finish through email and over the phone to create a one-of-a-kind, gorgeous custom wine cellar that everyone could be proud of. This space has a good amount of custom stonework with wine racking built-in. The accentuated lighting adds that extra kick to this walk-in wine cellar.

Starting with the back wall, the base cabinet in the center has pull-out drawers for cases. The bins on the left and right sides of the center racking are solid stone, able to hold about 30 bottles each. These slots can also double as case storage. The left and right side walls are both matching, both including racking with high reveal display rows with library lighting on top. In addition to the pull-out case storage drawers along the back wall, the design team at Vintage Cellars incorporated single deep high reveal display rows spanning across the room, single deep individual bottle storage sections, and a custom archway capping a decanting countertop in the center.

custom wine cellar

Cellar Features

  • 1,000 Bottle Capacity
  • Mid-Century Style
  • Decanting Countertop
  • High Reveal Display Rows
  • Case Storage Drawers

custom wine cellar

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