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Ocean Way - Laguna Beach Custom Wine Cellar

Composed of brushed nickel metal custom wine racks by Vintage View, this custom wine cellar in Laguna Beach can accommodate up to 650 wine bottles. Dual-pane and wood glass doors maintain a tight seal on the wine enclave.

A wine cellar cooling unit creates the ideal climate, while specially installed insulation, a vapor barrier, etc. ensure that there are no fluctuations in the temperature and/or humidity.

Cellar Features

  • Vintage View brushed nickle wine racks
  • Accommodates 650 wine bottles
  • Dual pane and wood glass door

With so many different kinds of wine racks/wine racking/wine cellar designs and styles, you can really go in any and every direction in the discovery and design phase of a custom wine cellar project.

The custom wine cellar builder's team at Vintage Cellars makes the entire process exciting, informative, and smooth from start to finish. Whether you're interested in a wine closet, wine racking, custom wine racks, a custom wine cellar door, or a cooling system for your existing space, Vintage Cellars has you covered!

Vintage Cellars has built gorgeous custom wine cellars and wine storage rooms across the United States and World for over 25 years. We are your go-to business for anything wine cellar and wine storage-related!

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