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Distressed & Weathered Redwood Wine Room Del Mar San Diego

This custom wine cellar was specifically designed (side walls) to hold 11 bottles of wine on the bottom and a display row on top. This wine room then has a second display row and 11 bottles above. A custom-designed walk-in wine cellar such as this allows the customer to display a bottle and unload the case either above or below that display row.

The wood species inside this beautiful small wine room is distressed and weathered redwood, with features including wine case storage, diamond bins, and a high reveal wine bottle display. A small rustic wine cellar is the perfect addition to any home! This custom design turned a low-key closet into a work of art.

Cellar Features

  • Modern and elegant
  • Diamond Bins
  • High Reveal display
  • Distressed & Weathered redwood racking

A closer look at a diamond bin. Diamond bins are just one feature we showcase in our custom wine cellars. The distressed and weathered redwood gives this wine room a modern and elegant, yet rustic feel.

Vintage Cellars has built gorgeous custom wine cellars and wine storage rooms across the United States and World for over 25 years. We are your go-to business for anything wine cellar and wine storage-related! Whether you're interested in a wine closet, wine racking, custom wine racks, a custom wine cellar door, or a cooling system for your existing space, Vintage Cellars has you covered!

We work in many styles, including Contemporary and Modern, Rustic, Farmhouse, Traditional, Craftsman, Industrial, Mediterranean, Mid-Century, Industrial and Eclectic. This traditional all heart redwood custom wine cellar is just one of many styles the experienced team at Vintage Cellars can help to create.

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