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WineMaker Series Base Platforms

Specifically designed and engineered to elevate each WineMaker wine rack kit, the WineMaker wine rack platform can support one wine rack, or two stacked. The platform is 3 13/16" High, and will allow you to maximize the rack height in any room.

Available in a variety of styles and display options, at an affordable price, the WineMaker Series platforms are offered in Premium Redwood and Rustic Pine, with a choice of 6 stain options: Unstained, Light, Classic Mahogany, Dark Walnut and Midnight Black.

Please note : If you order the platform stained, only the top will be stained, as majority of customers will be attaching base molding to the front of the platform. If you would like the front or the side of the platform to be stained, you should order a half pint of stain from us to touch it up. Please call to order stain. Additional cost applies for extra stain.

We can help you select the WineMaker wine rack platform that best fits your WineMaker wine racking.