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Winekeeper Preservation Systems

Winekeeper Preservation Systems

The WineKeeper preservation and dispensing systems are the choice of fine hotels and restaurants the world over, and the first choice of wine connoisseurs as well. With a wine preservation system like the WineKeeper, you don't have to finish your bottle, or feel guilty about wasting it! The WineKeeper will preserve between 4 and 12 bottles of wine (depending on model) with nitrogen gas to prevent off flavors or colors caused by oxidation. Easily dispense wine from several bottles to serve guests or host a tasting without worry of wasting partial bottles.

A variety of WineKeeper preservation system configurations are available. Choose from a variety of woods and anodized aluminum finishes and decorative faucet bonnets to create a wine preservation system that will perfectly suit your home or wine bar. Each WineKeeper is custom built to your specifications depending on model. Design your perfect multi-bottle wine preservation and dispensing system today!

Refrigerated WineKeeper Systems

WineKeeper's line of dispensing and preservation systems have become the industry standard. Their use in thousands of the world's finest hotels, restaurants and homes makes enjoying fine wine an extended and pleasurable experience. WineKeeper preservation systems consist of handcrafted, custom quality cabinetry and employ proven nitrogen gas preservation technology. Single bottle units to larger commercial units are available. Call for custom applications, designs and finishes.

The Keeper

The Keeper is one of the simplest wine preservers available. With the Keeper, you can just have a glass and save the rest.

Extra Nitrogen Canisters

Nitrogen wine preservation systems like the Keeper use a blanket of nitrogen to displace oxygen inside your wine bottle, preventing the effect of oxidization on your wines. Ensure that you are never without the ability to preserve your wine by purchasing extra nitrogen canisters.

Vintner System 1 to 4 Bottle

The Vintner Wine Dispenser system is great for restaurant and home use keeping the wine fresh and saving money. It consists of a 3 bottle solid wood cabinet with lacquer finish (with room in the back to conceal the canister and regulator), brass bottle holder, 3 Stopper-Faucets, regulator, disposable canister, quick-connects & tubing. Preserve your favorite wines! Enjoy wines by the glass, while a pressurized blanket of nitrogen protects your wines from oxidation.