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Wine Guardian Through the Wall Systems

Wine Guardian through the wall cooling systems have a sleek, modern design to match the unique style of todays wine cellar. Perfect for small to mid-sized cellars, these innovative systems offer exceptional air flow and maintain optimal temperature and humidity - all with the quietest operation in its class. In fact, Wine Guardian Through-Wall systems were recently rated as the quietest and most energy efficient through-wall units in North America by the Center for Atmospheric Research in Sciences and Engineering at Clarkson University. The Wine Guardian TTW units were 50% quieter and used 50% less energy than the closest competitor!

Digital displays show temperature and humidity levels and adjustable vents allow you to direct the airflow. Wine Guardian through the wall systems can be mounted flush with walls and racking and have integrated brackets and supports for easy installation. They also make excellent replacement units. Wine Guardian through the wall systems are available in sizes for up to 850 cubic feet or up to 1500 cubic feet. Our expert staff is available to help you choose the perfect cooling system; call us at 1-800-876-8789.

Here are some tips for selecting the right Wine Guardian cooling system for your wine cellar.