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Wine Storage Cabinet and Wine Refrigerator Construction


Wine storage cabinets are not all the same! The construction and craftsmanship of a wine storage unit is the most commonly overlooked factor. For example, no matter what refrigeration unit is used in a wine storage cabinet, the wine you store there will not be properly cooled unless the rest of the wine storage unit has been skillfully put together. What kind of hinges are used on your wine storage cabinet? Wine storage units must use refrigerator hinges -- piano hinges will not work. In order for the wine storage cabinet to get the most efficient and best performance a refrigerated wine cabinet unit, the door has to seal properly.

Another important aspect of the construction of a wine storage cabinet is the walls. Wine storage unit walls are under the stress of holding up wine bottles, each of which may weigh about three pounds. Wine storage cabinets' walls therefore must be constructed with structural integrity as a high priority. Poorly constructed wine storage units will not be able to support the wine stored in them. A shoddy wine storage unit will also have cooling system problems.

Each wine storage cabinet sold by Vintage Cellars is guaranteed not to have structural problems. Each type of wine storage unit we sell has been checked out by our experts in wine storage, so that you can be sure that the wine storage unit you get will live up to your expectations and needs. Look through our selection of wine storage cabinets with peace of mind, or call and speak to our experts about which wine storage cabinet will best fit your needs. When it comes to wine storage units, you get what you pay for, and we are committed to helping you take home the best!

Whether you have been storing wine for years, or are just starting your wine collection, it is imperative to have a refrigerated wine cabinet. Vintage Cellars is proud to offer wine cabinet coolers that are perfect for any type of wine guru. We can help you if you are looking for a DIY wine cabinet, or simply want something that is already made. All of our wine cabinets are made of high quality material and will last you years to come.

If you have any questions about our wine storage credenzas or refrigerated wine cabinets, call us today at 1- 800-876-8789.