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"WhisperKOOL's acclaimed cellar cooler now as a water-cooled system"

Our Water-Cooled Platinum Split System is an alternative to our traditional air-cooled systems. Relying on water to cool the condenser instead of fans, this is our quietest and most efficient system yet. Our Water-cooled Platinum split is ideal for most high-rise apartment complex applications where most have cooling towers as part of the building mechanical system, and for buildings and homes tapped to a geothermal power source. The Water-Cooled Platinum Split is engineered to keep optimal wine temperature of 55℉ with 50-70% relative humidity for cellars up to 1000 cu ft.

Improved Design:

At WhisperKOOL, we have redesigned the housing for the Platinum series split system evaporators. While the internal components have proven to be reliable and effective, we have designed new housing systems for improved installation and accessibility. The previous design was a little challenging in terms of mounting and accessing the components for installation. It required the removal of the top or side panel. When racking was installed around the unit, it was difficult to gain access for service or maintenance.

Our new design makes the units easier to install by gaining access to system from the front of the unit where we have installed removable grills. This greatly improves the ability to install the system and access it for maintenance. Please note that the dimensions have changed slightly. Review the specification section when planning your install to account for the dimensional change. At WhisperKOOL, we believe in the goal of continuous improvement in everything we do in order to enhance the customer's experience.


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