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A Unique Wine Cellar with Vintner Wine Rack Moldings

We know you want to create a truly unique wine cellar. Vintner wine rack moldings are available in six crown molding options with varied profiles and heights, and each is available with either a 1 7/16 inch or 5 1/4 inch base moldings. The taller base molding option will require the use of the wine rack platform for each rack. Vintner wine rack moldings are packaged with crown and base moldings in standard 4 foot lengths. When stacking vintner wine rack kits, beam supports are required and are included with the crown and base molding packages. Vintner wine rack moldings are also available curved to fit the Vintner corner racks, and custom lengths up to 12 feet are available. Call us at 1-800-876-8789 with any questions about Vintner wine racks and moldings.