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Vintner Wine Dispenser System

Vintner System 1 to 4 Bottle

The Vintner Wine Dispenser System is great for both restaurant and home use. The Vintner wine dispenser keeps wine fresh and saves money. The Vintner Wine Dispenser consists of a three-bottle solid wood cabinet with lacquer finish. There is also room in the back of the wine dispenser system to conceal the canister and regulator.

The Vintner Wine Dispenser also includes a brass bottle holder, three stopper-faucets, a regulator, disposable canister, quick-connects and tubing. The Vintner Wine Dispenser System protects your wine from oxidation using a pressurized blanket of nitrogen. This means that when using this preservation system, you can enjoy piece of mind about the quality of your open wine bottles while enjoying wine from them by the glass. The Vintner Wine Dispenser is the best way to dispense and preserve your favorite wines.