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VintageView Evolution Series

vintageview evolution The all-new Evolution series by VintageView is a label-forward wine storage system that incorporates acrylic panels and chrome plated metal rods to display your wine with modern flair. Evolution series wine racks are customizable and designed with flair. Evolution wine racks can also be integrated with wood wine racks for residential and commercial applications.

Like other VintageView wine rack systems, the Evolution series displays wine with the label forward, allowing your to browse your wine visually and enjoy the appearance of the wine labels without moving your bottles. Since less movement is better for long term storage, the Evolution series is great for storing wine that will not be consumed for many years. However, since visible labels are also great for quickly selecting a bottle to drink with dinner, Evolution wine racks are also excellent for your "drink now" collection. Talk to a wine storage expert today about how Evolution wine racks can take your wine storage to the next level.

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VintageView EvolutionVintageView Evolution VintageView Evolution

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