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Vintage Series Masterpiece Wine Cooling Cabinets

Vintage Series Masterpiece wine cabinets are a classic and sophisticated wine storage option. Masterpiece cabinets are designed and built with great attention to detail and superior materials, for wine cabinets that are attractive and provide superior wine storage environments.

California red oak or Cherry exteriors and all redwood racking is the basis for the Vintage Series Masterpiece cabinet. Side moldings and door window options create a look that is simple yet sophisticated. A range of finish options is available to match your furniture and decor. Breezaire cooling is standard with upgraded cooling available on every Vintage Series Masterpiece wine cabinet to maintain optimum wine storage conditions.

With a range of finishes, door styles and upgrade options including lights, locks and UV tinted windows, you can create a Vintage Series Masterpiece wine cabinet that perfectly suits your decor and personality. Or consider the Vintage Series Grand Cru or Vintage Series Premier Cru wine cabinets. Call us for assistance with creating your Vintage Series Cabinet today at 1-800-876-8789