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Transtherm Wine Cellars


Transtherm: The World's Most Advanced Wine Cellars: Unlike most other cellars, Transtherm Castel and Ermitage cellars are equipped for both cooling and heating - perfect for use in colder climates or regions with a wide variation in seasonal temperatures. They can be used in temperatures ranging from 32-95 ℉, perfect for unconditioned garages and regions where temperatures have wide variations. The digital thermostat allows you to set and monitor your collection at the touch of a button. Its humidity control system not only reduces excess humidity, but also allows you to increase the humidity level by adding water to the system. Select from the Ermitage with one temperature zone or the Castel with three temperature zones, perfect for storage, chilling, and red wine service. Each unit is backed by a 5-year manufacturer's limited warranty on the compressor. Note: All Transtherms, (except the loft), come with two fixed shelves, one sliding, and a half shelf at the bottom.

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