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Traditional Redwood Wine Racks

Traditional Redwood Racking

Traditional Redwood Wine Racks are one of the most attractive and durable wine storage options available. Redwood is well-suited to the cool, humid environment of a wine cellar so your redwood wine racks will look beautiful for years. A wide range of racking options is available, from simple vertical storage to redwood wine racks designed for corners and unusual spaces.

If you are looking for a custom wine racking system at an affordable price, our redwood wine rack kits could be your answer. With these redwood wine rack kits, a custom look can be achieved without a custom price. Kits are a great way to get the redwood wine racking system that suits your needs and space without spending too much. Use them to create an affordable and attractive system to store your wine. All components of our premium redwood wine racking kits are made from solid premium clear redwood. Mix and match pieces to create the perfect wine storage solution.

We can help you design the redwood wine rack system that you have always wanted. Call us at 1 800-876-8789 for personalized assistance; we can help you with measurements and any other information you need to choose your new redwood wine racks. Redwood wine rack kits ship in 1-2 weeks.

If you prefer pine, check out our Rustic Pine Wine Rack Kits for the same style and quality in a pine wine rack.