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The Keeper Wine Preserver / Dispenser

The Keeper

The Keeper is one of the simplest wine preserver systems. Just uncork your wine, put in the stopper, plug in nitrogen and serve. After serving, just unplug the nitrogen from your Keeper wine preserver and store the bottle in your fridge, bar or cooled wine cabinet. With the Keeper, you can have a glass and save the rest!

How does the Keeper work? The wine preserver system fills the empty space in the bottle with nitrogen. Nitrogen displaces oxygen inside your bottle, preventing the negative effects of oxidization on your wine. Then seal the bottle with a Keeper stopper and store without worry. We also carry extra stoppers for the Keeper and wine preserver nitrogen canisters, which will allow you to use your wine preserver with additional bottles.

If you need to preserve more than a bottle or two and would like to do so with built in wine cooling we also carry a range of WineKeeper preservation systems that dispense and preserve wines inside a cooled cabinet.

Wine preservers make excellent gifts for the wine lover in your life!