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Split System Wine Cooling units are efficient cooling solutions

The first component of split system wine cooling units is an evaporator coil installed in the wine room or wine cellar. The evaporator coil circulates cold air and controls the humidity.

The second component of split system wine cooling units includes a compressor, condensing fan, and coil. This unit is installed outdoors or in an adjoining room. This second part of your split system requires ventilation.

To connect the two components of the split system wine cooling unit, refrigeration lines are used. A drain line is also needed. If the condenser is installed outdoors, an outdoor kit is required to protect it from the elements.

We are proud to offer the best split system wine cooling units on the market today, from companies like Breezaire and WhisperKOOL. These are state of the art refrigeration systems, with options such as an electronic thermostat and humidistat, humidifier, reheat coils and alarm modules. These sophisticated wine cooling systems can maintain optimum cellar conditions even in very dry, wet, hot or cold climates. These split system wine cooling units, once they have been properly outfitted for your wine cellar and climate conditions, will maintain proper temperatures between 55 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity of 60 to 80 percent--no matter what.

Split system wine cooling units are also both quiet and unobtrusive, because only the intake and outtake grills will be visible in your cellar and the condenser is situated outside your cellar for noise reduction. Our split system wine cooling units use only the latest refrigerants currently available on the market. The refrigerants we use for our wine cooling systems are environmentally safe and comply with the highest standards. These split system wine cooling units are commercial grade units that will last a lifetime. Best of all, these cooling units require little to no maintenance. If your split system does need repair, it is designed to be serviced on site. There is never a need for factory returns or long waits for parts for your split system wine cooling unit.