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Sensaphone Wine Cellar Monitoring Systems

Sensaphone Cellar Monitoring

You know how important consistent temperature and humidity are to your wine. What if your cooling system breaks down while you are on vacation? What about break-ins? Is your wine room secure? With a Sensaphone wine cellar monitoring system, you don't have to worry. Sensaphone wine cellar monitoring is like having a security guard who never sleeps. A Sensaphone wine cellar monitoring system makes sure you know when anything goes wrong in your cellar.

Sensaphone wine cellar monitoring systems keep watch over your electricity to let you know if the power goes out. Your system will listen for a smoke alarm and warn you in case of fire. Four external inputs let you monitor conditions in the cellar--temperature, humidity, even sense spilled or flooding water on floors. When an adverse condition is detected, the Sensaphone wine cellar monitoring system notifies you with custom voice messages, making multiple phone calls until it reaches you or another designated person. For vacationers or anyone who spends a lot of time away from their cellar location, it's great to know that you can also call your Sensaphone--just dial in to hear your Sensaphone wine cellar monitoring system tell you that all is well.

Ideal for vacation homes, businesses and any situation where your wine isn't under your own watchful eye, Sensaphone wine cellar monitoring is the next best thing to being there. The often-absent, the security-conscious and the cellar-conditions perfectionist will wonder how they ever lived without a Sensaphone wine cellar monitoring system.