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Rack Mounted Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

The Rack Mounted Wine Cellar Cooling Systems are optimized to deliver refrigerated air sufficient for medium to high temperature locations such as custom wine cellars, wine tasting rooms, and large wine cabinets. RM series evaporators mount horizontally, often hidden within the wine racking. They may also be placed within the ceiling joists, in a soffit, or on a wall. All our rack mounted wine cooling systems have several access panels to forward or re-direct the supply and return vents. These rack mount wine cellar refrigeration units are ideal for wine storage areas with limited space, where remote units are not feasible, or in spaces where a more visible system would detract aesthetically. For good reason these are the most versatile and popular wine room refrigeration units available from US Cellar Systems Manufacturing. We offer a variety of these rack mount wine room cooling systems to suit a wide range of installations. RM evaporators are offered in standard capacities from 1,800 to 15,000 BTU per hour and are used with R134a refrigerant.

Need help deciding if a Rack Mount (RM) wine cooling system will provide ample refrigeration for your cellar or storage space? Call us at 1-800-876-8789 for expert assistance in choosing the right RM rack mounted wine cooling system. RM Split Systems