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Low Profle Quiet (LPQ) Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

The Low Profile Quiet (LPQ) Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems are designed to provide refrigerated air quietly and dependably. LPQ split wine cooling systems are an excellent choice for wine cellars or long-term storage areas that require minimal noise and very little maintenance.These ceiling mounted wine refrigeration units are excellent for vaulted rooms with little traffic that are tight on space. The LPQ wine refrigerator unit is also ideal in situations where cabinet-style or wall-mount systems will take up too much space, or interfere with the aesthetics of the wine cellar or storage area. This ceiling mounted wine cooling unit can stay quietly hidden above a doorway where it will rarely be seen or heard. The LPQ supplies refrigerated air behind the coil down the wall, requiring minimal clearance, and brings return air in the angled front, promoting circulation. Vintage Cellars offers several capacities of LPQ cooling systems that will work with a variety of spaces and cellar designs. Additional coils may be added to the LPQ Unit to increase capacity. LPQ evaporators are available in standard capacities from 1,800 to 8,600 BTU per hour and are used with R134a refrigerant.

Need help deciding if a LPQ split wine cooling system will provide ample refrigeration for your cellar or storage space? Call us at 1-800-876-8789 for expert assistance in choosing the right LPQ ceiling mounted wine cooling system. LPQ Split Systems