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Le Cache Contemporary Wine Coolers & Cabinets

Le Cache Contemporary Wine Cabinets combine superior construction and cooling with an elegant fine-furniture design. The Le Cache Contemporary cabinets feature solid cherry construction, hand finished in your choice of finishes. Their sophisticated appearance makes Le Cache Contemporary wine cabinets an excellent aesthetic choice as well as a functional one.

All Le Cache Contemporary cabinets are cooled by a CellarPro cooling system for low vibration and consistant cooling. UV-resistant glass doors put your wine on display while protecting it from harmful sun (for hard-to-cool locations, try the Le Cache Wine Vault for the same style and cooling with solid wood and extra insulation). Your Le Cache Contemporary wine cabinet also comes with a low-heat interior light and locking doors for security. Need help choosing the right Le Cache Contemporary wine cabinet? Call us at 1-800-876-8789 and we'll make sure you find the perfect cabinet for your wine collection.