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Commercial Island Wine Racks

25% off

An Island Wine Rack is a great way to make use of an unused floor space in your wine store. These freestanding wine rack styles are among our most popular styles of commercial racking. Try placing a wine island in a high traffic area of your store for increased sales. Use a freestanding rack to create a special display for a wine you want to feature or move quickly. An island wine rack is also a great way to create aisles in your store while increasing storage and display space. Near the registers, an attractive display on an island rack can drive impulse buys for a few more bottles in the cart at checkout.

Our island wine racks are low enough to keep your other displays visible, and the perfect height for easy label reading. These freestanding racks are available in a rang of high-quality woods and could be just as at home in a wine cellar as a store. Base options and casters are available as well.

Island Wine Racks are fabulously versatile storage and display solutions. No matter the size of your space, there has to be a corner that could be beautifully filled with a well-built wood wine island. See for yourself the quality and versatility that have made our freestanding wine racks such a popular item.