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CellarPro Cooling Units for Wine Cabinets

CellarPro wine cabinet cooling systems are designed with advanced engineering and technology to provide optimal storage conditions for wine cabinets. CellarPro gives wine collectors and enthusiasts control over both temperature and humidity in their wine cellar. These CellarPro wine cabinet cooling units are designed to exactly specifications by people with a passion for cooling technologies and built from state-of-the-art materials. Top-notch design and technology mean that your CellarPro wine cabinet cooling unit can outperform those other wine cooling systems.

CellarPro wine cabinet cooling systems are available for cabinets up to 300cubic feet. All CellarPro cooling units have digital displays, energy saver and quick chill modes, alarm systems and flexible installation options that make CellarPro wine cabinet cooling systems an excellent choice as a replacement unit. If you need assistance in selecting the right CellarPro cabinet system, please give us a call at 1-800-876-8789.