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CellarPro Wine Cellar Split Systems

CellarPro Split Systems

CellarPro split wine cellar refrigeration systems can be used in wine cellars from 200 to 2000 cu. ft. Split system wine cooling offers many advantages, including reduced noise and smaller holes required for installation. CellarPro split systems have variable-speed centrifugal fans in the evaporator unit, with settings for high performance use and for quiet operation. The condensing units can handle environments as hot as 110℉ and as cold as 0℉ with a heater modification.

CellarPro Split Systems can be installed indoors or outdoors, but outdoor applications require the outdoor hood (sold separately). For exposure to environments below 40℉, the compressor heater modification is required.

Like all split systems, a CellarPro split cooling system will require installation by a trained HVAC professional. However, installation is easy with CellarPro's flexible mounting options!

If you are looking for a new or replacement wine cellar cooling system that offers excellent value and high performance, CellarPro split systems are an excellent choice. Need help choosing the best cooling system for your wine cellar? Give us a call at 1-800-876-8789 and we will help you with all your cooling needs.