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CellarPro Specialty Cooling Systems

CellarPro specialty refrigeration systems can be used for a variety of unique applications that require cool temperatures with minimal fluctuations, high humidity and ample airflow. These systems are specificaly designed to create ideal environments for storing high-end audio visual equipment, fine leather, and beer collections. Cellarpro specialty cooling systems are designed for specific applications where standard cooling units fall short. These specialty climate control units provide precise control over humidity, temperature, airflow, and ventilation. With variable speed fans for super-quiet operation, our high-performance specialty refrigeration systems are desiged to handle the

Cellarpro Audio Visual Equipment Cooling Systems

CellarPro Audio-Visual cooling systems are designed to maintain cool, constant temperatures for AV equipment rooms and cabinets. Controlling heat build-up can be a challenge when designing an audio visual equiment room or AV cabinet. Without proper ventilation & cooling, even changes of just ten degrees can shorten the lifespan of your AV equiment. Temperature fluctuations higher than this are common, especially in enclosed spaces, and can cause your audio visual components to shut down, or worse fail altogether. Choosing the right cooling & ventilation system for your setup is a crucial part of maintaining the integrity of your system. Cellarpro audio visual cooling & ventilation systems are designed specifically for this kind of equipment and have variable high speed fans for super-quiet operation that won't create distracting noises coming from your AV cabinet. We offer a range of systems that will provide adequate cooling for high-density AV cabinets, audio visual equipment racks, and larger AV equipment rooms.

Need to know if a CellarPro AV cooling system will meet your specialty refrigeration needs? Call us at 1-800-876-8789 for expert assistance in selecting the right audio visual equipment cooling unit.

CellarPro Beer Cooling Systems

The Cellarpro beer cooling systems are designed specifically around the temperature and humidity requirements for the optimal storage and aging of fine craft beers. Aging beers you say? That's right. Under the right conditions, certain varieties of beer can improve vastly with cellaring. Generally these are darker beers with an alcohol content above 9%, such as barleywines, imperial stouts, or belgian strong ales. The higher sugar and alcohol content of these maltier beers will mellow and become more complex when aged anywhere from 6 months to 15 years. Most beers that age well in beer cellars are also bottle conditioned and corked. It's important to keep in mind that, like aging wine, the humidity in your beer cellar will play an imortant role in keeping your beer's cork from drying out. Ideal humidity for storing beer is anywhere from 45 to 60 percent and within a temperature range of 45-55 degrees farenheit. Regular refrigerators, which are designed to limit moisture, will not provide ideal conditions for aging your beers. Cellarpro Beer Cellar refrgeration units are designed specifically to maintain these optimal conditions. We offer two Cellarpro beer cellar cooling units, a larger ducted unit and a smaller unit designed for wall installation. Both units include condensate drain lines with heating elements to burn of excess condensate.

Need to know if a CellarPro beer refrigeration system will met your beer cellar needs? Call us at 1-800-876-8789 for expert assistance in selecting the right beer cellar cooling unit.

CellarPro Leather Storage Cooling Systems

CellarPro leather storage cooling systems are designed to maintain proper temperature and humidity conditions for fine leather collections.