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CellarCool CX Cooling Units

CellarCool CX Series The CellarCool CX series are direct replacements for similarly sized Breezaire cooling units and are designed to offer good value for wine enthusiasts on a budget. They offer digital thermostats and will maintain ideal wine cellar temperatures with a temperature differential of up to 30℉. This indicates that a CellarCool CX cooling unit can maintain 55℉ with a venting area temperature of up to 85℉. For this reason, these units are recommended for indoor installations. The CellarCool CX series includes cooling units sized for 300 to 2000cu. ft. Reliable cooling at a great price makes the CellarCool CX cooling units an excellent value.

  • Direct replacement for Breezaire and Wine Mate.
  • Dynamic Air Flow design.
  • 30 degree temperature di_erential.
  • Flexible mounting bracket.
  • Advanced Digital Controller.
  • Ductable exterior exhaust.